Since Close Comfort has no exhaust hose, surely the warm air must heat the room?

Close Comfort releases only 300 Watts, similar to three people in the room. Close Comfort directs its warm air exhaust to the ceiling where the heat is absorbed, just like the warmth from your fridge which you don’t notice (warm air rises naturally). Any excess finds its way out of open windows or doors.

What size room does Close Comfort cool?

Close Comfort works in any room, even outside in sheltered places. It creates a micro-climate, a cool zone, up to 4-5 square metres.

When should i consider using the optional bed tent?

IIf the temperature inside your bedroom regularly exceeds 28°C at night, the Igloo tent provides extra cooling to keep you comfortable, and also provides chemical-free mosquito protection. The Igloo tent also reduces the air conditioner power consumption to about 180 Watts average, a valuable saving for off-grid battery installations. The Igloo tent also provides an ideal place for your baby or small child to be cool and comfortable during the day time.

Is there still a reason to use split AC?

If you need to cool a crowded room for 2 – 3 hours, a split AC is effective. Split ACs provide no fresh air exchange and the doors and windows need to be closed to retain the cool air so carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and body odours build up with time. Prolonged use of split ACs for sleeping can cause dry itchy eyes and skin irritation from dry air and the running cost can be very high. Expect to pay $1,500 or more to install it and $120 – $250 a month for electricity if you use it for sleeping or during the day.

How many BTUs cooling capcity?

About 2500-3500 BTUs per hour, depending on temperature: that is about 1/4 ton of refrigeration capacity.

Can I leave the windows open?

Yes, absolutely.It’s best to keep windows closed and curtains drawn in the hottest part of the day, but at other times, Close Comfort works best with open windows and fresh outside air.

How close or far do I need to sit from the unit?

Close Comfort uses Smart Air Flow Technology to create a steady stream of cool air that is effective up to 150 – 250cm from the cold air outlet.

Can I adjust the temperature of the air produced?

The thermostat in the PC9+plus model allows you to regulate air temperature.

Does humidity affect the cooling?

Close Comfort works harder in humid conditions to keep you feeling cool.

Does extreme heat affect the cooling?

Close Comfort is made to provide relief from the heat, so it can be used in any indoor climate up to 44°C. In extreme conditions we recommend you use a patented Close Comfort bed tent.Like any machinery, to avoid overheating, it is advised that the unit be kept out of direct sunlight.

Can I leave the unit running for long periods of time?

Depending on the heat and ventilation, Close Comfort can run 24 hours a day without any problems. Make sure you check the air filters from time to time and clean them when needed.

Does Close Comfort require any consumables to operate?

Close Comfort does not require any water, gas, batteries or ice to operate. It operates solely on electricity

Does Close Comfort require any special adapters or power outlets?

The unit can be plugged into any standard power outlet.

Does Close Comfort generate any exhaust or water that need pipes connected?

Close Comfort requires no ducting, plumbing or piping of any kind. Water condensed from humid air is re-evaporated, but up to 2 litres of distilled water can be collected if you need it to top up your batteries or for ironing clothes. The water is not suitable for drinking.

How heavy is the Close Comfort unit?

Close Comfort weighs just 17 kg and is easy to carry. It comes with castor wheels for easy movement and positioning

How large is the unit?

The entire unit is 28cm x 39cm x 55cm high, making it compact and easy to move, position and store in any environment.

Can Close Comfort be used outside?

Yes! In sheltered places, Close Comfort works very wel.

Do I still need to use conventional air conditioning with Close Comfort?

No. Close Comfort produces enough cool air to keep one or two people at the same location cool and comfortable through the day and night. If you need to cool the entire room for a special occasion or meeting, then you should use a conventional air conditioner just for that time. You can use conventional air conditioning with a higher thermostat setting to obtain better economy, say 28-30°C. Then use Close Comfort where you need a little extra cooling.

Where does the hot air go?

Unlike conventional air conditioners that throw out huge amounts of hot and humid air, Close Comfort exhausts a gentle stream of warm air up to the ceiling where the heat dissipates without warming the room perceptibly.

Are there any health benefits?

Yes, lots.
First, with a UPS you get uninterrupted sleep through load shedding so you wake feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy life. Second the tent keeps out insects at night protecting you from bites, dengue and malaria. Third, with the windows open at night, you sleep in fresh air. With a family all sleeping together in a room with a split AC, the air is never refreshed. Harmful air builds up through the night and everyone shares it. Users have commented to us that with Close Comfort, they don’t experience that nasty itchy eye feeling from normal air conditioners when they wake up. Finally the tent gives you some privacy: you can leave the doors and windows open but people cannot see you inside the tent.

What’s the warranty and where do I get after-sales service?

Warranty is 3 years for the compressor, and 1 year for the other parts. For service center and after sales, call us on +62 811 9189 727

Does it need maintenance?

Just check the filters every 2 weeks or so and clean them using water if needed. We recommend an annual clean by an air conditioning technician in dusty places.

How does using Close Comfort help the environment?

You use so much less energy, helping to reduce pollution and heat emissions, and
keeping your environment more comfortable and healthy for everyone

What cooling technology does Close Comfort use?

Close Comfort uses conventional compressor refrigeration, just like your
refrigerator or freezer. It has a completely welded refrigeration circuit that will
last as long as your fridge or freezer.

Does Close Comfort use a refrigerant?

Yes. It uses R134a, which is a fluorinated refrigerant gas which is covered by the
Montreal Protocol protecting the ozone layer. R134a does not harm the ozone
layer significantly.

What’s the life of this AC?

Depending on its usage, if maintained well, the life of the Close Comfort unit is
equal to or greater than the life of a standard air conditioner. It has no parts
exposed to the outside weather conditions so should last longer.

Does it need spare parts?

No. Close Comfort has nothing that wears out and needs replacing. Spare parts
are available from your supplier if you misplace a filter or another removable
part. Call us for spares.

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