Energy-Saving Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling where you need it.

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Energy-Saving Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling where you need it.


Amazingly energy-efficient, our units need 6 times LESS power to run than your kettle!


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Portable Air Conditioner

Rp 4,998,000

With a single pre-set temperature and pre-set speed setting, the PC9 is the perfect no-fuss, budget cooling solution when you just want to open and go!

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PC9 Plus

Portable Air Conditioner

Rp 5,868,000

Comes with a remote to adjust the settings to suit your needs. PC9 Plus uses inverter tecnhnology, these unitss can work wherever 240V power is available.

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Clients are saying

Where does the heat go?

Heat taken from the cool air stream emerges as warm air at the back and rises to the ceiling. Only 300 Watts is added to the room so the temperature rise is imperceptible, especially if the window or door is open.

Is it better than a water cooler?

Yes, so much better. Water coolers work by evaporating water, making the room more humid. They only work well in low humidity conditions which are uncommon in indonesia.

What does it offer that no other cooler can?

Close Comfort provides cooling comfort for less than 50 cents a night in hot and humid conditions just as well as hot and dry weather.* No other product can match that. A single hose portable air conditioner will cost at least four times more in electricity. Over five years of use, most of the cost is electricity, not the purchase price.

How large a space can it keep cool?

Close Comfort works in any room, even outside in sheltered places. It provides cooling by creating a micro-climate
around the users and does not waste energy cooling the whole room.

Why should I buy Close Comfort air conditioner?

Close Comfort provides an affordable solution for cooling one or two people, especially for a bedroom, without having to worry about the power bill.

No other product provides such an affordable, convenient and versatile way to keep cool in the heat.

Why is it Better than a Portable or Split AC?

First, you can use Close Comfort anywhere. You don’t need an AC in every room any more. Close Comfort is so
much less expensive that a normal portable AC, much less than a split, especially when you include the cost of
electricity. Also, Close Comfort keeps you healthy with fresh air all the time.

How long does it take to start cooling?

Close Comfort’s compressor switches on immediately and starts producing cold air after the compressor warm-up time of about 90 seconds.

Can I leave the windows open?

Yes, absolutely.It’s best to keep windows closed and curtains drawn in the hottest part of the day, but at other times, Close Comfort works best with open windows and fresh outside air.